Q&A with Dr. Gail Rosseau. Player Safety - Building a Proper Football First Aid Kit. Simple but Effective - When is Rest the Best Medicine? Learn the Basics - 7 Basic First Aid Tips Your Young Athlete Should Know.

Education is Key

3rd & 1 Football - Empowering Children. AFD Limited - Taking the game to a wider playing audience. UoNAF - University of Nottingham American Football programme.

You Can't Teach Heart

The amazing journey of the Oxford Saint's Ben Denton. American Football players have to overcome some form of adversity when playing the game, even at the amateur level in the British domestic game.

Essex Spartans Academy

Essex Spartans Academy Head Coach talks to Blitz on the challenges and future of American Football in the UK. "It all started back in 1985 when Tony Palmer coached the Basildon Chiefs."